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Daytona Beach Restaurants have nothing on us.


When your looking for a restaurant in Daytona Beach, there is only one place to go.

Yes, we are technically a Daytona Beach restaurants but we are worth the short trip south on US 1.

The Dolphin View is located on a bend in the intercoastal waterway just 15 minutes from south Daytona and 1/2 hour from International speedway Dr.

Let me describe a typical afternoon at the Daytona Beach Restaurant, Dolphin View.  It will be 95 degrees with a heat index of 102. You get out of your car in our parking lot and the heat hits you like an open oven door. You come inside and order your food thinking, "what am I doing here? I need air conditioning."
Sunset at the Dolphin View Restaurant Sunset at the Dolphin View, Restaurants Daytona Beach

Lunch is ordered, you get your drink and step outside into another world. The tropical plants and view take your breath away. As you move down the dock looking for a seat by the water, the sea breeze cools you off and the shading overhead blocks the heat of the sun while allowing the light to get thru. It feels like you are sitting under a palm tree in a Jimmy Buffet song. The table by the water beckons as the cool breeze takes you away to paradise.

Dolphins constantly swim back and forth in the water right by where you are sitting. Pelicans are always perched on the pilings and manatee and sea turtles sometimes make an appearance as well.

When the sun goes down, the sunset views are spectacular. As you can see from our pictures throughout this site, you can not find a place more beautiful than this.

Just because we have the best view within a 100 miles doesn't mean we skimped on the food. We give you huge portions of the freshest seafood, the juiciest hamburgers and succulent chicken.

Daytona Beach Restaurants Reviews

October 21, 2010
Love the place! We've been there many... many times. It's a nice bike ride from Edgewater, and a great place to relax when we get there! I'm interested to see what you guys will do for the winter when seating becomes too cold! Would like to see a few more healthy options such as plain rice, veggies, etc. We've had about everything on your menu. The only complaint is from the Veggie burger. It's very artificial/smoke tasting. There are many good ones out there, but I am sure the this is not one of you big sellers. Now we are working up a plan to go on your dinner cruise! Thanks again,
D. Travis

September 16th 2010
I am the owner of Rinehart Video Productions in Sarasota, and was in the area on 8-30-10 planning to shoot a short travel video. This is also the place for Party Boat Deep Sea Fishing on the Pastime Princess. The last time I was here was in 2007, when the restaurant wasn't here. A customer was leaving the restaurant and I asked him how the food was. He said good. Well I was starving so I decided to take a chance and eat. Boy am I glad I did. The grouper sandwich special with fries and cole slaw was fantastic. The sandwich was loaded with fish and super fresh. The view right on the edge of the water was excellent. Lorna the general manager and her staff are the nicest. I would highly recommend this restaurant to everyone. This is the best place to eat and be at. Do not miss stopping here
Rinehart Video Productions

June 11th 2010
I'm a connoisseur of Fish Rubens. It's a rare Florida speciality that is becoming increasingly popular. I taste test it whenever it's on on the menu, and sometimes when it's not. The dolphin view delighted me with the best fish ruben to date. The bun is freshly baked with care, and Dolphin view chooses flounder as their fish. It's a perfect choice as it is light and flaky, and mixes well with the cole slaw. Cole slaw is traditional in Florida, Sauerkraut is more of a northern fish ruben. At the Dolphin View you have a choice. The sandwich is messy, as it should be, and you will need plenty of napkins to wipe your face and hands. It's sinfully filling and well worth the $10 price. The Dolphin View is aptly named, you are practically guaranteed to see dolphins at this spot. It's easy to finish your meal, grab another beer and enjoy the breeze. For now, it's one of NSB's best kept secrets. Super causal true Florida outdoor dining. I will be back time and time again
Bill Gallagher

Daytona Beach Restaurant Reviews

July 13, 2009
Good food for a good price. No indoor seating, but tiki bar is covered. Definitely family friendly -- my kids loved watching the pelicans and gulls play. To -- try the grilled mahi! 

March 22, 2010
The grouper wrap is unbeatable. I actually crave it and occasionally have to make my way over for lunch even tho I live 25 miles to the west! It is well worth the drive. The food never disappoints, the staff is very friendly and the view is why we live in Florida! I have also been out on their charter boat for sunset cruises that are breathtaking. I recommend DV to everyone!

107 N Riverside Dr. New Smyrna, Fl 32168